One of the options I am excited to offer in addition to your wedding or portrait session is the Vintage Camera Package . Here's a little more information about the cameras I use and why I love them so much.


Meet my Plastic Fantastic camera! Get a little insight to this Lomographic treasure - it uses 120 mm film and it's unpredictable light-leaks, blur and vignetting cause a great artistic effect to the images created. This particular breed of Holga has a multi-colored flash, adding surreal and exciting effects to the already offbeat medium. Color and black and white film both available - and double exposures are half the fun! 


Photos taken by this camera are taken at hip-level while the photographer looks through the viewfinder on top of the camera. The shutter, focus, etc. are completely manual, causing a thought-out composition. On a less technical note, it brings back the tactile experience to photography and adds a vintage look to your images. Uses 120 mm film, color or black and white.